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We’ve always been a boutique broker. Our partners are the very essence of FXGlobe, which is why we focus so intensely on personalized support. 

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80 / 10


Iam a full time professional trader with an excellent track record of high profit margins, began my forex trading career working with a World renowned broker such as FXGlobe
Johannesburg Rosebank

Mr. Tenacitythetrader

Para Crogall Capital, escuela de inversión bursátil, ha sido de gran apoyo contar con FXGlobe. En el tiempo que llevamos como partner hemos conocido a un bróker de confianza, que nos facilita el camino y el de todos los alumnos; alumnos que valoran contar con un bróker regulado, agentes preparados y oficinas en Chile. Es de gran importancia contar con un Bróker aliado tan importante, fiel, oportuno y tecnológico como FXGlobe.
Para Crogall Capital, escuela de inversión bursátil, ha sido de gran apoyo contar con FXGlobe. En el tiempo que llevamos como partner hemos conocido a un bróker de confianza, que nos facilita el camino y el de todos los alumnos; alumnos que valoran contar con un bróker regulado, agentes preparados y oficinas en Chile. Es de gran importancia contar con un Bróker aliado tan importante, fiel, oportuno y tecnológico como FXGlobe.

As a trading platform for Omni Strategies, Fxglobe has been essential in delivering our AI strategies to the community. Their cutting-edge platform and commitment to transparency and security have made them the perfect solution for our AI-driven trading approach. With their advanced trading tools and user-friendly interface, members of our community can easily execute trades and monitor their investments in real-time. We appreciate the exceptional service that Fxglobe provides, and we highly recommend them as a trusted solution to anyone looking for a reliable and innovative trading experience.


Omni Strategies

My dream came true the day I found Fxglobe broker. They were very professional and fast solving any issues I had even assisted me with registration in their broker and making follow up and keep me updated with market and help me not blow my account.
Cape Town

South Africa

Experience with FxGlobe dates back more than 2 years. Their response time to queries is very fast. The trading conditions have been good. Their social trading interface is excellent.

They keep adding value for traders and personalise the experience. My account manager Frank is one of the best in the industry working hard to help create an environment for continued trader growth. The overall experience has only been positive. 


Jonate Ventures

Unlock unlimited earning potential.

Let’s supercharge your career.

As an FXGlobe partner, you’ll be fully backed by an experienced team. Their core mission is your long-term success. A dedicated IB manager will be with you on every step of your journey, providing support, taking care of requests, and guiding your professional development.

You’ll have all the tools and resources needed to grow your business, along with some seriously impressive commission rates, a massive range of trading products, and technology that’s right at the cutting edge.

Welcome to the ultimate IB program.

We love working with our IBs, and they love working with us! Here’s a few reasons why.

Educational materials

Give your clients the best opportunity to become profitable traders. Our unique library of courses, ebooks, video tutorials, articles, and other educational content has everything they need to go from zero to trading hero. 

Expert multilingual support

One of our experienced IB managers will be your dedicated point of contact. They’ll get you up and running, show you how our system works, provide marketing materials, and help with anything you need to succeed as an introducing broker. 

Network of professionals

As part of the FXGlobe family, you get to mingle with the créme-de-la-créme of the trading world. Share ideas, strategies, and information with like-minded professionals in a community where you feel you belong.

Custom media and creatives

You can find loads of banners, widgets, embeds, and more in the media bank (accessible via the Partners Portal). Need something customized? Our talented team of designers will help you project a cohesive, professional brand image. 

Ambassadors who are leaders in their field

These folks are well-respected worldwide, with tons of experience you can draw on. They’re trading titans and deliver valuable insight daily—so both you and your clients can benefit from their unique expertise.

Local events

Showcase our services to a targeted audience to increase brand recognition, build credibility, and tailor your strategy to connect with your local audience’s needs. Face-to-face time helps form relationships that translate to new clients—and bolster your lead pipeline.


Display your expertise and establish authority, while making personal connections, educating attendees, and building rapport to ease potential clients’ decision-making process. Seminars are also a great opportunity to use promotions or incentives. 

What do we require from our IBs?

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned IB looking to gain more momentum and scale your business, there are a few criteria for working with us.

Application process

To join our ranks, you may need to provide information about your business, qualifications, and experience. You may also need to include details about your target market, marketing strategies, and business plan.

Qualifications and experience

To work in the forex industry, you may need certain qualifications or experience such as a relevant degree, certification, prior experience, or a proven track record of success.

Compliance with regulations

As an FXGlobe IB, you’ll need to comply with the relevant regulations and laws governing the forex industry. This may include anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) practices.

Sales targets

We’ll do everything within our power to help you achieve your ambitions, and part of that includes encouraging you to reach sales targets. We’ll work with you to monitor your goals and ensure we maintain a mutually beneficial partnership.

Marketing and promotion

In your role, you’ll need to engage in certain marketing and promotional activities to promote our services and grow your own business. This may include attending events, seminars, or webinars, and distributing marketing materials.

Training and support

We’re invested in your long-term success. So, we’ll cultivate your career development and help you better understand the market and our services. You’ll get access to educational resources, training materials, and ongoing guidance from the IB Management team.

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